How to join…

If you live in Highland Park West or a nearby Austin community, fill out the form below to share your contact information and make an introduction. We will be planning several meet and greets in the upcoming months. As a private neighborhood club, we do limit membership to nearby geographic areas to avoid excessive travel. Boundaries are roughly 2222, 35th Street, Burnett Road and Mount Bonnell.

Everyone cooks

As a reminder, this is a member-led group. Everyone will be contributing to the meal in some way — either cooking, hosting or selecting the wine. The objective is to have fun and meet new people. These are not overly fussy, formal dining occasions, but there is a commitment to quality ingredients and gracious hosting. Our goal is to create a unique dining experience that feels equally welcoming to new cooks and aficionados.

Why Gastro Club?

Bill & Diana Hyland
Bill & Diana Hyland

Bill and Diana Hyland recently moved from the suburbs to the Central Austin neighborhood of Highland Park West. Once they completed the renovation of their 1959 ranch, they were looking for a way to expand their network of friends without traveling far from home. Thus, they created Gastro Club, a community of like-minded individuals who love to cook and eat. Unlike other supper clubs where you pay (often a lot) for a single dinner prepared by a chef, Gastro Club is a series of private events where we get to know each other over time and participate and learn from our collective endeavors.

The couple has done this before, previously running a 30-couple gourmet club in Barton Creek West. “We shared ingredients, recipes and stories… and a few monumental mistakes,” Diana explains. “Funny though, even the misses turned into memorable experiences. As my dad used to say…it’s more about the people than the food. I say you can’t have one without the other.”

Want to learn more?  Tell us about yourself in the form below. Please include your phone and email if you are interested in joining.