October 18 Gastro Club Meet & Greet — Mark your calendar!

Join interested neighbors for a casual Sunday afternoon Meet & Greet.This is a social hour to get to know each other and share ideas on menus and activities. Bring your spouse/partner if you can, though not required.

October 18 — 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (location will be distributed via email)

248While this meeting is social in nature, we will also touch on:

HOSTING SCHEDULES:  Ideally everyone will host once a year — either a small dinner, a happy hour or party. We’ll have a signup sheet to note preferences.

DATES: Are there months or calendar days we should mark off our list due to holidays or spring break? We’ll take a poll to confirm availability and date preferences to help plan out the first 4 months.

PLANNING: I would like to get a few core members to help with initial activities — planning happy hours, dinner menus and dates or just adding your voice to make sure everyone is represented. Not a lot of time — just a monthly meeting over cookbooks and wine.

MEMBERS: We will have full members and subs. Full members will be invited to all events, and subs will be invited to a dinner if someone can’t make it. We will need both, so if you want to be involved but can’t commit, join as a sub. For the Meet & Greet, both members and subs are invited.

If you have signed up on this website, you will receive an invitation. If you have not, tell us about yourself in the form below and we’ll add you to our mailing list. If joining as a couple, please include both names.