Tastes, Sips & Tidbits — November 14 Cocktail Party

Welcome FriendsWe’re pleased to announce our first Highland Park Gastro Club event. If you are interested in joining the group or attending this tasting party, simply fill out the form below to receive an invitation. We’re looking for food-loving neighbors with a shared interest in cooking, eating and conversation. Members are in Highland Park West or nearby communities.

Details are below:

What: Highland Park Gastro Club Cocktail Party
When: Saturday, Nov. 14 at 7:00 pm Central Time
What to Bring: Appetizer & 1 bottle of wine (or beer) to share
Who:  Members, subs, anyone considering joining (Must live in or near Highland Park West)
How: An Evite will be distributed. Please RSVP
Where: Location TBC
NOTE: There is no obligation to join. This is a great opportunity to check out the group, meet some of the members and share your ideas or suggestions for future events.
We had an early planning meeting in October that resulted in the following details:
  1. TYPE OF EVENTS: We will be planning a combination of seated dinners, tapas-style small plate dinners, and informal cocktail parties.
  2. DAY OF WEEK:  For planning, Saturday night was identified as the preferred day of the week for most events/dinners.
  3. SCHEDULE:  We will have an informal cocktail party in November to get to know each other, but the season dinner schedule will begin in January.
  4. PLANNING: For each planned dinner, the host(s) will select the theme, menu and format of the event, as well as select dates with input from guests. If a planning meeting is needed, Sunday late afternoon was preferred timing.
  5. MEMBERSHIP: You can join as a Full Member, which includes hosting a dinner party for 8 (6 guests) one or two times a years. We expect to have about 6 dinners and 2-3 events. Or, you can join as a Sub-Member, which means you will be “on call’ to sub in when members can’t make a dinner. You will also be included in the events. (Best for those who can’t host, have extensive commitments or are on the waiting list for full member.)
  6. REASON TO JOIN:  Most people have an interest in food, cooking or wine, but also expressed interest in entertaining and getting know their neighbors. We have both cooks and adventurous eaters willing to experiment and be experimented on.
  7. COMMITMENT: In order to plan larger events and make it easier on the hosts, we are collecting a $20 per person party fund to cover incidentals and supplies for 2016 season.

If you are interested in joining, tell us about yourself in the form below. All who sign up will receive an evite to this tasting party. Please include in the comment box:

  • Your full name and partner’s name if joining as a couple
  • Your address
  • If you want to join as a Full Member, Sub Member or not sure
  • Payment can be made at the party


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