Go Greek: February Dinner



The theme for our 2nd Supper Club is Greek, with a menu reminiscent of family recipes shared by member Tony Psaromatis.

The featured entree is Moussaka, a layered dish made with eggplant, cheese, beef or lamb and topped with a thick béchamel sauce. The addition of béchamel is attributed to Nikos Tselementes, a Greek chef who trained in France. Moussaka is a favorite main course served throughout Greece and at most Greek restaurants.

Pronunciation: moo-sah-KAH (in Greek: μουσακάς). Recipe links are posted below.

Click the following link to access guidelines and 2016 Dinner schedule. 2016-gastro-club-club-guidelines-dec-21-2015

Before you get started:  Make sure to look at serving sizes and adjust recipe and shopping list as needed.

APPETIZER: Tzaziki and hummus with pita bread and raw veggies.
Prepare the tzatziki the day before and refrigerate to give the flavors time set up.
Tzatziki recipe:   http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20242/tzatziki-sauce/
Hummus recipe:    http://markbittman.com/recipe/hummus/

1st COURSE: Avgolemano Soup (2 similar variations)
Basic: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/13172/avgolemono/
Basic+:  http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/avgolemono_soup/

MAIN ENTREE:  Moussaka
Note: There are 2 bechamel recipes. Tony likes the basic. Try to leave about 15-20 minutes for the moussaka to cool a bit and set before serving. It’s also great for leftovers!

SIDE DISH: Greek “Village” salad
Note recipe serves 2.  Feel free to adjust per your taste and estimate enough to serve 8. 

DESSERT: “Easy” Baklava (Serve with a touch of fresh fruit or citrus sorbet)

Reminder to hosts:  Use this handy COST CALCULATOR when dividing up costs after the meal.

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