Eat, Drink, Walk — Manor Road Pub Crawl & Dinner

Get out of the hood for a walking beer, wine, food event on the popular East Side. Join the group at any spot along the way, starting at 6:30, Friday March 18.

We’Salty Sowre aiming for 3 stops:

Haymaker: 2310 Manor
Super casual bar. Craft beer. Outdoor picnic tables. 6:30

School House Pub: 2207 Manor Rd
Cozy rustic pub. Beer, cocktails, wine. 7:15

Salty Sow: 1917 Manor Rd
Fun, eclectic American Gastropub. We have dinner reservations at 8:00 p.m.

Optional:  Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop for late-night treat to take home.

Please RSVP to Diana Hyland at by FRIDAY, MARCH 11.

Salty Sow is a popular place, so we want to hold seats to make sure there’s a table set aside for our larger group. We can likely add on more at last minute, but we’ll get in faster if the spots are held.

Dutch treat. Pay as you go.




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