Small Bite Challenge: October Event

It’s game on… with the Highland Park Small Bites Challenge. This is an all-out race for the tastiest morsels in Central Austin with small bite dishes to prepare and share.

Easy on the eye and easy to eatThis evening of food, wine and competition gives us a chance to catch up with old and new members while testing our food acumen and creativity. All guests will be assigned a recipe challenge. Points awarded for taste, good looks and creativity. And yes, there will be prizes!

Date:  Saturday, October 15 2016

Time: 7:00 p.m. (voting at 9:00)

Location:  Balcones area home

What to bring: 

  • Your dish to share (Let host know if you’ll need oven space to warm your dish)
  • Serving utensil or toothpicks etc.
  • One bottle of wine per couple
  • Tasting plates provided. If you need small bowls or cups, please bring your own.
  • Final guest count will be be posted as RSVPs come in

SNEAK PEEK: You could get one of these challenges. All will be randomly assigned, but if you have a preference, send a private note to Diana with your RSVP.

  1. Tart, bitter or worthy of a good pucker–John & Rebecca
  2. Rock & rolled, stuffed or wrapped–George & Carol
  3. Sweet and boozy–Peter & Patti
  4. Warm, savory and puffed
  5. Calorie laden and chocolaty–Lori & Melissa
  6. The good, the, bad, the incredibly stinky…cheese or fungi
  7. Silver-platter worthy passed h’dourves
  8. Ambitious terrine — from land, sea or sky
  9. Non-traditional protein. From tofu to tuna to duck. oh my!!
  10. Sensual, titillating, exotic…food to entice!
  11. With historical or literary reference–Scott & Marsha
  12. Grown or raised within 30 miles (don’t cheat)–Carla & Peter
  13. Bought, borrowed or stolen from a local chef or artisan —Diana & Bill
  14. Ethnically inspired — consider the world!–Linda
  15. An improvement on something your mother served
  16. Taste of fall (seasonal riches)–Tony & Dawn
  17. Garlicky and herbal with a side of breath mints

TIPS: Your dish can range from finger food to a family-style dish or individual servings — just make sure to bring enough for everyone.

GUESTS: We welcome neighbors who are considering joining. Please RSVP to Diana and William Hyland with name, address, phone and neighborhood. Members must live in or near the Balcones, Highland Park, Allandale, Tarrytown areas in Austin, TX. This is a private supper club. $20 per person to join. $40 per couple.



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