Sunday Supper: November Dinner

wine-toastIn the midst of pre-holiday planning, we’re taking a breather to spend a cozy dinner at member Peter Pfeiffer’s welcoming home. This is comfort food at its finest as we welcome cool breezes and a hint of winter.
Peter is planning a main course of Beef Bourguignon accompanied by indulgent member-prepared treats, from Texas chili to mac & cheese and several sweets.
Date:  Sunday, November 13 2016
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location:  See member roster for address
What to bring:  A bottle of wine, a 6 pack, growler or libation of choice. Plus your assigned dish to share.
Who’s Coming? 
Peter & Patti — Beef Bourguignon (main host)
Scott & Marsha — Texas Chili (co-host)
Diana & Bill — Large green salad (co-host)
Carla & Peter — Appetizer
Dawn & Fred — Appetizer
Susan & Marvin — Dessert
Linda — Dessert
Michelle & RJ — Crusty Bread

Lori & Melissa — Side dish

A special thank you to Peter and Patti for hosting this inviting dinner event. The Beef Bourguignon was fabulous!  For those interested, the recipe was from a new cookbook based on a dish served at Mother’s Bistro and Bar in Portland. The recipe is not yet online, but the above link sends you to a recipe from Ina Garten that is very close.

Stay tuned…the 2017 schedule is coming soon. If interested in joining, contact Diana Hyland at


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