Party with the “in” crowd: Go Mid-Century Mod

ModAs the Rat Pack makes room for Don Draper and his voyage through the sixties, we’ll take a step into the past for an evening of cool vibes, retro bites and maybe a few party games.

DATE: Saturday, October 21
TIME: 7:00 p.m
WHERE:  Poolside patio and private retreat 
WHAT TO WEAR: Swing’n cocktail, London Mod, Hipster cool, Beatnik chic, Space age groovy, Jackie-O proper, Baby-doll tease, Stepford wife perfection or anything in-between

“Cocktails by Prim”
Mid-Century Trivia Throwdown

Member prepared appetizers and finger food

RSVP by October 12
This is a great occasion to invite a neighbor or potential new member. Please include their name and email in your RSVP. If interested in learning more, contact Diana Hyland.

WHAT TO BRING: A dish and a bottle
Let’s give a modern day twist to some vintage favorites — shrimp cocktail, dips, meatballs, deviled eggs, Waldorf salad, fondue, anything puffed, stuffed or layered, liquor infused anything, plus every variety of canape and food on a stick. And don’t forget your favorite beer, wine or bubbly.

Whether you identify with the ad man himself, the backroom creatives or any iteration of Megan, Peggy, Joan or Betty…  come dressed for success and ready to mingle. Looking for inspiration?

MOD fashion
Mods vs. the Rockers
Mid-Century Style …
an more

And then there’s this… Boots! Balloons! And dating!




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