Blind Wine & Cheese Tasting – January 27, 2018

IMG_6051Are you a wine appreciator or aficionado? Test your skills and discover if your tastes outshine your budget during our 2018 Gastro Club kickoff event — a great chance to meet all our new and returning members!

DATE: Saturday, January 27
TIME: 7:00 p.m
WHERE:  Private home

Featuring:  A casual evening of food and wine, lots of wine… some very good, others not so much. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Gastro Club event without a little competition. You’ll each get a score card and a chance to compare and win. Consider it “The Price is Right” with wine.

WHAT TO BRING: $10 per person ($20 per couple) & a gourmet food item
We’re keeping it simple! Each member will bring one food item to comprise an extravagant spread — cheeses, olives,  pate, tapenade, prosciutto, salami, candied nuts, figs, dates, fresh fruit, crusty breads, etc. No cooking required for this one unless you are so inspired. If you are going paleo or low carb, consider bringing a crudite or lite bite to share.  Expect enough food for a light meal, plus alternative libations if you are not imbibing.

RSVP by January 20
All full and sub members, please accept or decline via email to Diana Hyland. Having an accurate count helps us budget for the amount of wine needed.

How can we possibly taste fine wines for $10 a person? That’s where the Gastro Club party fund kicks in. We’ll invest in several high-end bottles at the club’s expense — wine most of us do not buy every day.  Expect tastings ranging from your standard HEP special to the more sublime at $50 bucks plus. We’ll stick with mostly reds for the Wine Tasting, but will have a variety on hand for those who enjoy a white or sparkling.

Cheers to a New Year!